This project is the final project of the UX/UI specialty at the University of Michigan. An App for Apple Watch was developed that covers specific needs of users who do CrossFit based on a deep user analysis. The entire process was managed and documented in Notion.
To create a solid foundation for the research, I started with 6 objectives (shown in the table below)
To create a solid foundation for the research, I started with 6 objectives (shown in the table below)
I developed two User Personas, profiles that I obtained from CrossFit where I train.

2nd user: Angel Celis
To formally establish the needs, I spoke to people who train CrossFit and track their activities with their watches. And I made a small storyboard of the key moments.
The microusability test was made to test the hypothesis that the possible App designed would serve to meet the needs and that users could use it while training. This using a LoFi prototype.

LoFi Prototype for Heuristic Evaluation
User Test Plan

The test is designed to validate the main purpose of the project which is: “Designing an easy to use app for specific Crossfit training techniques to archive a better activity measuring while keeping in mind factors like time notification and count of laps”. In this test I designed a Figma Lo-Fi prototype embedded in a Maze project for the heuristic usability testing.

Users will be instructed to do two activities:set up a AMRAP wod and Customize time on a EMOM wod.

Consent Form:

I agree to participate in the study of designing an easy to use app for Crossfitters.
I consent to the recording of this test. This recording will be used for research and product improvements only. I understand that participation in this usability study is voluntary and I agree to immediately raise any concerns or areas of discomfort during the session with the study administrator. Please sign below to indicate that you have read, and you understand the information on this form and that any questions you might have about the session have been answered. 

User Test Script

Thank you so much for accepting performing this test. The purpose today’s test we are going to test an Apple's Watch App for specific Crossfit Trainings. We are going to try six scenarios:

Scenario 1: Applies only for users who use a watch to track fitness activite: "
Why do you use an app when doing Crossfit?".

Scenario 2:
What elements or features do you measure or track?.

Scenario 3: Prototype activitie: 
Imagine you are going to start a Wod (EMOM): Get your app ready to track your activity.

Scenario 4: Prototype activitie: 
This is a prototype for an app. Imagine you are going to start a Wod (AMRAP): Get your app ready to track your activity

Scenario 5: Question in levels from 1 (hard) to 6 (easy) using emoticons: 
How easy was to use it?

Scenario 6: The features on the app were enough or what would you add?

Findings & Recomendations
Summary Results  

From doing the usability test of the app, I looked for issues during the execution of the tasks.  Only one of the eight participants couldn´t perform one of two tasks because intensionally clicked on another places but the prototype didn't had a "go back" button. All the participants liked the app, they think that the design of the app is simple and easy to use, but they would like to add new features.  

Key Findings  

Finding #1: 
They realized they could adjust activity time and rest time. But they didn't know if the app was going to notify them when the change occurred.
Severity: 3/4

Recommendation: They need something on the interface that tells them that the app will ring and vibrate even if they can't hear the sound.

Finding #2: 
They understood that in the end it showed how many calories they burned and how much time they did. But they didn't know what was happening with that information.
Severity: 3/4

Recommendation: They need to know that it will be linked to a mobile App (to be designed) where daily progress will be stored and displayed.

Finding #3: 

Calorie information is useful but Appl's "Functional Tranning" already does it. It is certainly an improvement to be able to put a timer on an EMOM is useful, and being able to count the number of Reps is useful only when a large number must be counted in the WOD. But it would make a bigger difference to be able to record weight and exercise time to measure personal progress.​​​​​​​
Severity: 3/4

Recommendation: In the mobile App add a section with all the names of the CrossFit exercises, where users can enter the date and weight they lifted, in order to have a history of their progress over time.

Hi-Fi prototype

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