UX/UI applyed to Mazda's infotainment system
A car infotainment system, short for "information and entertainment system", is a multimedia interface installed in vehicles to provide occupants with a combination of entertainment, navigation, connectivity, and information features. These systems aim to enhance the overall driving experience by integrating various technologies and services into the vehicle's dashboard. In this Case-study the Mazda's infotainment system was analyzed (user research) and then re-designed (user interface).
A usability test was carried out to find areas of opportunity in the Mazda infotainment system.
The previous UX research was done on the real system of a Mazda car. The insights were of great value to begin creating the prototype of the new system; Below is the process for developing the first prototype:
Two versions: Neon & AI
Some users asked for a futuristic interface full of color and images (AI version) while others asked for a simpler but striking and futuristic interface at the same time (Neon version). These two prototypes were tested in a usability laboratory to obtain new insights.
AI version
For this first prototype, a usability analysis was carried out using the Maze platform. The test results are shown below:
Final UI after UX Testing:

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